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  • 06/08/2021

    In fase di montaggio, le viti per fissare i braccetti mi hanno fatto un po' dannare perché facevano fatica ad entrare nei buchi. Nel complesso, la sedia è comoda e non presenta difetti nei materiali,vale i 92€ spesi ed è un buon acquisto, quindi la consiglio. Piccolo inconveniente durante il trasporto , ovvero mi è stato comunicato che il pacco è stato re-imballato a causa di danneggiamento, tuttavia la merce è arrivata tutta intera e senza nessuna imperfezione. PS: alla consegna il pacco è un po' scomodo da trasportare a causa del peso e della forma, consiglio di essere in 2 persone oppure di creare 2 maniglie bucando il cartone.

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  • 29/04/2021

    Chegou muito rápido, passados 8 dias e foi entregue, mas a embalagem veio algo estragado possivelmente pelas transportadoras e quando fui a abrir verifiquei que tem um pequeno rasgo no cabedal no assento, de resto parece ser de boa qualidade e confortável e muito fácil de montar, só não dou 5 estrelas por causa do pequeno rasgo. Aconselho que no futuro a mercadoria devia de vir dentro de plásticos almofadados e a caixa vir com fitas resistente por fora para proteger melhor a mercadoria.

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  • 14/04/2021

    Arrived SO QUICKLY! I've got a tall torso and i'm 170cm so this ends up being the perfect height for me. The arm rest is probably one of the best features as it moves when you recline unlike some chairs. With that being said, reclining up and down isn't as smooth as I would like and kinda make a squeak against the leather but this isn't a huge issue- the recliner works! that's all that matters! The box the chair came in was damaged but nothing was damaged internally. So far I'm loving the ergonomics of it, too soon to say if it really works but The lower back pillow works wonders! Not extremely happy with the head pillow as you can't really adjust it and kind of falls if you want to make it higher, but it rests nicely when I'm reclined ,and rests relatively nicely when at 90 degrees. Colour is great! hope it doesn't get too dirty too quickly, the foot rest is an extra bonus!

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  • 04/04/2021

    Came in a quite bulky box, nicly packed. I made it throu assembly in 15 minutes with two kids all over and the chair. Everything inqluded, even the allen key. Very happy with the item,really sad I didn't go for two.... In the prive i took it (98euro) was just a bargain. Very sturdy, very nice feel. Now for the long run I really can't tell, I just bought it. In the last photo I sat in the chair because my main issue was the neck support, so make your choises (I am 1.83m)

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  • 05/03/2021

    Very good value for money. I received the package exactly 1 week after the order, as promised. The quality is good, the reclining is excellent although the footrest is not very practical because it is too close to the main chair. The size is great for kids and women, though I think it would be tight for any man with average phusique or bulkier.

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  • 19/07/2021

    Bought on the Summer Sale, with a nice discount. Delivered in just 5 days from the Polish warehouse, it came complete with everything and undamaged. Assembly is easy, everything is provided in the kit, including instructions and tools. For the moment, this looks like a good deal, beating prices in my country. Quality seems to be OK, my unit had no visible defects. It's meant for rather fit people, if you're a large person this might not suit you. Thank you Banggood!

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  • 08/04/2021

    Wow!! Für knapp 111€ habe ich diesen stylischen Gaming Stuhl hier erworben und hab diese Qualität fast nicht erwartet!! klar müffelt das Kunstleder etwas und die Anleitung war jetzt nicht sooo perfekt aber hey - hammer preis und wer auch nur etwas Vorstellungsvermögen mitbringt, baut den um Schlaf auf. Daumen hoch - schlagt zu! Kleiner Tipp: Wenn der Stuhl in der gewünschten Farbe vielleicht nicht vorhanden ist, wählt ein anderes Versandlager unten aus. So kam ich noch an den roten zu diesem Preis ran ;)

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  • 24/02/2021

    Fotel jest super, jak za tą cenę. Montaż banalnie prosty. Wygodny. Regulowana wysokość podparcia lędźwiowego, co dla moich pleców jest bezcenne. Martwi to, że dotarł zakurzony, uszkodzony był karton. Bardzo słabe opakowanie, jak na Blitzwolf. Pierwszy raz się na tym zawiodłem. Klucz imbusowy do śrubek jest chyba wykonany z gliny, obrócił się przy pierwszej. Poza tym jestem bardzo zadowolony.

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  • 07/02/2021

    so, after a month of waiting for restocking, being told its completely out of stock in all colors, even thou the product paga kept changing and saying its stocked, came my chair.... and doesnt even has straight parts... its curved. so the handholdets are not straight and cant be set straight. good job on this one BW :(

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  • 05/02/2021

    I bought this in pre-order on December 11 and it should've been dispatched December 17, then there was a problem with my address and then out of stock, it was finally shipped February 2 and got it today, February 5 (just 3 days shipping!!!). It took nearly 2 months to arrive, it was a Christmas gift for my son (8yo), I was very disappointed and even angry I couldn't give it to him on Christmas but he's still very happy with it. A MASSIVE THANKYOU to customer service who was very helpful doing what they could about the big delay on my order, clarifying and informing on every update and every email I've sent was answered. About the item... just wow, nothing negative to point! Quality/price ratio is enormous, the packaging is great, every item individually packaged, the details like the stitches, the quality of the material... it's gorgeous so I'm very, VERY satisfied with it. Does it take some time to receive it? it seems that this seller has a lot of demand of this item so yes... probably you will have to wait a month or 2 like I did, but it definitely worth it. Thank you!

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