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  • 28/12/2017

    The first impression is its small size. The second impression is that this transceiver is really a Walkie-Talkie with a 20 Watt RF output. The power supply requeriments is 3 Amps at 13.4 Volts when full output in VHF.. The heatsink of the Power Amplifier Stage, located in the back part of the equipment, is cooled by a small fan that starts automatically when necessary. The equipment really complies with the functionality promised by Banggood. When using an outdoor antenna, its reception performance is better than a Walkie-Talkie. highly recommended.

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  • 29/11/2019

    Received radios today they work 100% however I can't believe that you guys sent this valuable items just in a plastic bag and this plastic bag was cut open on two sides...very disappointed they way you sent these items surely you could use better packaging? See photos below. Not sure if I will buy these again from you.

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  • 26/05/2017

    At a very cheap price, an incredible dual bander, working perfectly. Just told to another Ham Friend, he saw it and immediatly have registered to Banggood and bought it. The only limitation is a very little speaker inside, in a noisy ambience is difficult to hear something. So, if you put it in a car, use it with an external speaker.

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  • 10/04/2021

    excellent product ! fantastic!I like this product so so much thank you bang good for giving the best product everytime I like this product

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  • 25/12/2021

    Awesome small radio. Perfect if you have a modern small car with little space to fit anything. I purchased it with the programming cable. This model is also listed on the Chirp programming software list, so will be easy to program with your local/country frequencies by following instructions on Chirp and YouTube videos such as Ham Radio Crash Course. Local Ham Radio clubs can also help. Arrived in reasonable time to Australia.

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  • 18/03/2021

    Beautiful, small and magical radio station, ... just packing very bad. Just a box and a thin plastic bag. Delivery very fast.

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  • 19/02/2020

    Very best product I recommended value for money

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  • 28/10/2019

    Świetne radyjko, myślałem że będzie większe i tymi rozmiarami pozytywnie mnie zaskoczyło. Posiada same plusy , ma trochę powera i sporo wodotrysków. Same pozytywy, Serdecznie POLECAM.

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  • 03/03/2021

    Very fast delivery.

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  • 06/04/2023

    Great little radio, packed with lots of features. Instructions not great but plenty good enough.

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