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MAD_RC 2018-05-30 07:17:34
I am relatively new to quads, but this is not my first. It is fast, not too loud and solid build. My antenna did not fit, the hole that should have been in the connection to go on to the pin was not a hole!? Luckily I have a replacement. The camera is a fairly narrow field of view, but I also had a spare lens with a wider angle, easy change. But I will change the camera over to a better one, Foxeer Monster I think. Like so many people have said, it should have an OSD, even just the voltage for the battery would help. I have Furious Piggy OSD to try, so we'll see how that goes. Good flying characteristics on the stock tune. I added a couple of modes in Betaflight and that is it. I would like a buzzer too, but think that I can add that later. Is there other quads worth considering at this price point??? Maybe better to look at the KingKong 200GT, lighter, more efficient, better camera, includes a buzzer and has OSD, but I am happy with the purchase for now.
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