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  • 04/08/2014

    Even if it's clone of the CC3D, the Bootloader is flashed already in version 4. Immediatly recognize with CGS. I associated if with a FrSky D4R-II working in CPPM mode. The connexion (CPPM) was immediatly recognize by the wizard application. If you don't buy the receiver cablle (JST-SH => 6 JR), you can use the provided cable but be aware that colors are not respected. For example, the red is the GND and the black is the 5V. So be aware, if you don't want to cook your receiver

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  • 13/08/2014

    bought 4 of these and all are working pretty well! I received the black! They came with a bootloader as well so it's a matter of uploading the firmware!

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  • 03/11/2014

    I have two original CC3Ds and two working banggood CC3Ds running and they are all fantistic. The clones have performed just as well as the original ones. But there is always a risk with buying the clone devices and it seems that the banggood devices are also not up to quality. The third and last CC3D I got from banggood was different from the two before. By inspection you notice that the PCB is thinner on this devices compared to the original ones. But what is worse, this device does not boot. It probably lacks the bootloader, which is common with the clone devices. Installing the bootloader is not easy but also not impossible. I will get the stuff needed and try to flash the bootloader onto the unusable device to see if it has any more quality issues.

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  • 04/10/2014

    Newest Bootloader is already on the Board....just update with the Ground Control station software the newest Version....set it up with ur TX.....HAVE FUN.....fly my 250 Mini with Stock settings.....just right out of the Box....and i can believe what i see....i fly before NAZA M....Multiwii....KK 2.0....KK 2.1.5....but the CC3D just fly GREAT....its the best Board!!!..Flips and Rolls are in Ratitude Mode no problem

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  • 23/12/2014

    Very stable flight, I am using sunny sky motors, you have to update the boot loader to V4 and firmware, its very simple just follow the instructions in the web site. I have ordered two more as spare...Good controller, and good price ,

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  • 14/09/2017

    Хороший полётный контролер. Настраивается просто. Можно использовать хоть на квадрокоптере, хоть на самолёте.

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  • 14/11/2014

    I have several of these for my fleet. IMO these are the best micro flight controller you can buy. Easy to setup, and fly great with the default settings. This kit from Banggood was delivered very fast from the USA warehouse, and arrived in perfect condition. The bootloader was version 3. You will have to upgrade to the version 4 bootloader to use the latest OpenPilot software. You will want to go to the following page for instructions of how to do this: http://wiki.openpilot.org/display/BUILDS/Bootloader+update It's easy to do, and should only take you a minute or so. Happy flying!

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  • 12/10/2014

    This is our first control board that we bought with a friend of mine for a scratchbuilt tricopter and with openpilot we managed to calibrate it succesfully for it and performed a maiden flight within 2 days from first starting the gui(take in mind we are huge noobs for this, it only takes minutes now after doing it a few times), it didnt seem hard, had to repeat a few steps but that was solely inexperience. The PID settings we like very much, lots of possibilities, and with time and effort we are sure it will be amazing, also very forgiving with these settings and remains quite flyable at a wide range of parameters. There are a few videos on youtube about that part for those of us who need a lil kickstart. Also we are certain it was the best choice and proly get another.

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  • 29/09/2014

    Small and ligthweight controller. Easy to connect. Can fly at first try!

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  • 26/08/2014

    I have experimented with many Flight Controller Boards, including NAZA M, KK 2.0, MultiWii, and MultiWii Lite. This one by is the best bang for the buck among the cheapies. Not a NAZA by any means, but comparitively easy to set up with the Open Pilot GCS software. I have had alot of heartburn with the MultiWii units and the CC3D outperforms them in setup and flight control. Money well spent.

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