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Schoon For restcoing time, we are so sorry, at present, we still can not make sure the arrival time of CN Warehouse. The factory doesn\'t have large stock and they have been making. So they send to us continusly from December and we would arrange shippment at the same time according from your ordering time .If you don't want to wait for it anymore, pls feel free to ask for online cservice help. They would help you make refund. Thanks for your supporting. 19000KV Frsky Receiver Version, we will have little stock in USA Warehouse within 7-8 business day. For price, US$79 is the pre-order price in limited quantity. Now it is end. Our price is consistent with the manufacturer's unified retail price .

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Tivery 2017-11-30 01:28:22
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Tivery Pas trop d'accord. Perso sur mon KK Tiny 6 j'ai le même temps de vol qu'avec mes moteurs d'origine ( -3-4min), et tout à fait volable en intérieur, c'est même mieux, car il tient bien mieux son altitude, bien plus précis dans son vol.

Manon14 2017-10-28 12:07:08
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