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tomchap 2019-12-04 17:44:36
I have been interested in the smaller mini laptops for a while and I saw this one from CHUWI and I took the plunge and purchased. Firstly it didn’t take too long to get here around 3 weeks in total and arrived well packed. All I was looking for was a decent specification mini laptop with backlit and good sized keys. Portability was a must and having a very capable laptop in such a small design is most welcome. Minibook all works as it should, impressed with the high resolution of an external monitor when hooked up via a USB-C docking station. it’s a great little computer. PROS: + overall built well, feels good quality + full windows 10 home on a small ultra portable device + good quality screen + excellent ports, usb 3 and usb c + nice to be able to fold the screen around (YOGA design) + keyboard is nice to type on when you get the hang of it + high resolution usb c out to external display + 128GB main hard disk MMC but additional 128GB SSD drive already installed in SSD HDD slot + quick to boot up + finger print login works really well + price is spot on CONS - my left cursor key is sticky - fan is always on when boots into windows 10 - webcam / front facing camera is mediocre spec wise so cant be used for windows hello login (but at least it has one!) - be prepared if you have issues and have to send it back. Could take a while. So far so good for me tho. If the fan noise could be controlled manually and only come on when needed and the cursor key wasn’t sticky this would’ve got 4.8* To get the full 5* I would say getting the other high spec model and eg: Intel Core processor rather than Celeron would boost the speed along with additional ram and storage to assist. This would be my ideal setup as it would make it a powerful portable powerhouse of a laptop! Otherwise I’m very happy with the laptop as it is and would recommend for general office use, internet, email etc but not for high spec gaming or intense cpu use.
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Q: get 128 + ssd 128 = 256gb storage? so get 128 ssd di ssd slot?

perguntado por endrosri sobre 2019-11-15 05:09:18

tomchap Yes that’s how mine arrived, I was surprised as only thought it had 128gb EMMC but also has 128GB SSD fitted as well

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