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The seller Installation: Please make sure that the main power switch of the home is turned off before installation! If you don’t know how to connect , please find a professional electrician to do it . 1. Put your thumb on the opening slot at the bottom of the switch button and pry upward to separate it from the main body of the switch 2. Use a screwdriver to loosen the terminal screw on the back of the switch, connect the live wire to the L hole, and connect the load (light) wire to the L1, L2 or L3 hole. After confirming that the wiring is correct, tighten the terminal screw; 3. Use the mounting screws to fix the switch to the wall junction box, press the strong current switch to the on state, and buckle it, and put it on the button panel 4. Turn on the main power switch, the screen displays temperature and humidity information, press the switch button, you can control the light normally, indicating that the switch is working normally.

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