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  • 22/10/2021

    Very good thermal camera - that resolution for that price is a bargain. Indeed there is 25Hz refresh rate. Maybe I will describe it in this way: Pros: + manul focus! - you can adjust it and have sharp details in close objects, and spot for etc. flawed capacitors on PCB + automatic tracking highest/lowest temperature is very useful + good visual patterns (you can see some of them on pictures + it also has 120-400 degrees mode - but all temperatures below maybe 100 degrees are showed as -273 (sometimes bigger, I did not researched it deeply), so just be aware However there will be bigger lists of cons, but they are all to be improved I hope: - sometimes it starts showing artifacts, but it happens right after launching, going to settings fixes it instatly - probably software bug - for now no option to set custom ranges - app is autoranging itself - demo app for PC just sucks, crashes constantly, it looks more like proof of concept and it is in chinese only - big popup about too hot objects is annoying, I suppose it is necessary to warn about possibility to damage sensor, but! this popup only shows when you switch on temp markers on screen! it should be warned despite markers on/off - sometimes orientation of photos/videos are in bad orientation, looks like it autorotates with delay, so you have to wait a second to app to catch actual phone orientation and then shoot the photo/movie - app works only in landscape mode, sometimes it is annoying Overall product is quite good - this list of cons is just a suggestion for Infiray what to improve;)

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  • 01/10/2021

    its Great work! manual focus is a very useful thing.

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  • 20/10/2021

    I bought this camera to inspect eletronic PCBs. The image quality is very good, the refresh rate of 25Hz and the minimum focus distance of less than 3cm allows us to see very small details on 0603 or even 0402 size resistors or faulty capacitors. On my Samsung A51 smartphone, the camera worked only in "selfie" mode. I had to buy a USB-C extender to fix the problem. The parcel arrived in France two weeks after my order and the price was correct. Many thanks to the vendor.

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  • 06/02/2022

    The camera is good value for money. Suitable for precise SMD PCB diagnostics. It reproduces the shapes of objects very well. The picture is smooth and fast. Defects: It didn't work with any MicroUSB to USB-C adapter. On my phone, there is a problem with throwing to work in the background when I use the color view (the website cannot help) (for those who are willing, a video on my YouTube channel that I sent to the website). It does not work on a long cable in combination with a PC (I checked 2 cables for $ 10 and $ 20) Overall, I am very pleased with the quality of precision and smoothness

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  • 28/05/2022

    Najlepsza kamera termowizyjna w tym przedziale cenowym. Rozkłada na łopatki 2x droższe popularne firmy jak Flir czy Seek. Manualna regulacja ostrości o bardzo dużym zakresie sprawia, że kamerka nadaje się idealnie do diagnostyki małych płytek PCB. 25 klatek/s. i rozdzielczość 256x192 w tej cenie miażdży wszystko.

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  • 18/01/2022

    Very happy with this purchase. High resolution image, fast refresh rate and manual lens focus makes it great thermal camera for this price range. Software could be upgraded a bit to allow fixed color for certain temperature, but other than that I have no complain. It arrived with 30cm USB C - USB C extension cable, so you can mount it separately or on some mount on back of your phone. Also they have included small bag for storage. I have waited 1 month for shipping since it was out of stock, but then after they sent it, I have received it in two weeks.

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  • 05/08/2022

    Все в лучшем виде! Упаковано в большую надежную коробку, плюс чехол, плюс провод. На андроид7 приложение вылетает. На новых телефонах все норм. На фотках дом, небо, кондер, суп, комп.

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  • 29/01/2022

    God device. Recomending. Thanks.

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  • 22/01/2022

    This can be used on a phone with a micro B socket by connecting with a female type C to male micro B adaptor but be careful to buy the right version. I have found that the adaptors come in two versions. The first two I bought were just straight through connections and when I connected the camera there was no pop up in the app. At first I thought that the camera was faulty. The third adaptor was the OTG compatible type (as Banggood advise). This has an additional internal link between the 'ID' and 'Ground' pins of the micro B connector that instructs the phone to source power to the camera. Once this was solved the camera works well (I use a thl Knight 1 with Android v6). The first thing I did was capture some rather spooky images of the central heating pipes under the floor. The best thing about this camera is the adjustable focus allowing close ups of circuit boards but I still have to get used to remembering to adjust the focus before taking photos. The PC based demo program works (once I bought a type c to USB A adaptor) and I have not had any problem with stability but the button labels are in Chinese characters. I have decoded some by trial and error (shown in the attached photos). It occurred to me later that some of the unidentified buttons might make permanent unwanted adjustments to the camera! It would be great if someone could provide a translation. Originally I ordered the infiray C200 but according to the tracking this took off from China but never landed in the UK. The plane must have large fuel tanks because it has been up there for months. Banggood were very good and always responded fully to my enquiries and refunded me with no arguments one it was clearly not going to arrive.

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  • 20/01/2022

    Excellent camera, exactly what I needed for electronics troubleshootings shorts detection...

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