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  • 22/08/2021

    This phone is amazing. Truly a great deal for the price I paid (aprox. USD 304 or R$1633 in my local currency). Raw performance is outstanding, tough software optimization could be better (MIUI has some flaws). Camera is great for most scenarios, but don't expect a flagship-like sensor. Battery life is great (but could be better, due to modern SoC and AMOLED screen). Talking about the screen, I think it's the best thing about POCO F3. Accurate colors, amazing brightness and infinite contrast rate, having about the same quality of a flagship device like Galaxy S21 or OnePlus 9. Sound is great, no complains here. To summarize, POCO F3 is a KILLER deal for the right price, having most flagship specs on mid-range price. For Brazilian fellas looking about how much I paid on taxes, I paid R$293 (based on 60% of 94 dollars declared in packaging). Package arrived in exactly 1 month after order.

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  • 21/08/2021

    As I got the offer from Banggood for this great opportunity, I couldn't resist. Though my Pocofone F1 is still working I ordered this F3 with that Snapdragon 870 CPU. The F1 has more and more weak battery performance. That was another reason to buy the F3. I would advise You to take the one with the larger memory space 256 GB. I thought that I can spare the money with my 128 GB. But if You are creating and sharing video's with Your fone, You need the space. My experience so far: concerning the Pocofone F3 1. High quality 2. Very good software supply Mui12 3. Very fast hardware minus: no headphone jack ☹️. concerning Banggood: 1. Reliable shipping. 2. Very good customer support. Best market place for consumer electronics. ❤️❤️❤️

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  • 29/01/2022

    Produto de exelentíssima qualidade, chegou dentro do prazo previsto, sem nenhum defeito e com a embalagem totalmente integra. Robusto em potencia, e acabamento. A todos que desejam um celular com um absurdo custo benefício, comparado a outros com as mesmas especificações, esse é a pedida certa.

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  • 27/01/2022

    então gente, vim aqui pra falar sobre a minha experiência com essa compra, que inclusive já vou adiantar q foi maravilhosa!!! o pedido foi confirmado dia 08/01 e hoje 27/01 chegou, super rápido, pensei q fosse chegar lá pela metade de fevereiro (sou do Norte do Brasil). além disso, n fui taxada (graças a Deussss), não pedi pro vendedor colocar um valor específico nem nada. o produto chegou em perfeito estado, bem embalado como na imagem e veio com carregador, capa, cabinho do fone e o aparelho. compra 10/10

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  • 15/01/2022

    Poco F3 6gb ram128 rom arctic white. I originally got it in white because of the contrast with the silver frame plus it leaves no rings. The best cell phone you can find in this money, maybe even a little more. In order not to get tired of the techniques, the 870 SD is an awesome processor that will cover the above average but also demanding users. Very fast, very good multitasking, runs smoothly even the heaviest games, and for now it does not get stuck anywhere. The screen is very good, vibrant, bright, with very good colors and in combination with 120 Hz gives a very pleasant experience to the user. As for the cameras, it is not their strong point, since they do their job well during the day, but in low light conditions, they find them a bit dark. The speakers are better than I expected stereo with quite good bass and loud (separate output of the upper speaker from the headset). Do not dwell on it. You will have more than satisfactory photos during the day with mediocre at night .. Inside the box there is everything I say since some companies have made them luxury! From stickers to 3.5adapter since everyone does not have a mobile phone! For those who know the adapter produces 24. 48 music outputs! Fully satisfied with this! The 33 watt charge is more than enough in 55 minutes to charge the 4520 of the battery For me it is definitely VFM, and I highly recommend it! is great for its price! And the wonderful Banggood store !!

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  • 25/06/2021

    the phone came quickly well in good packaging Well we could not come the blue because everything was restock and finally did not happen I waited too long a month and waited but finally they told me that you lose the white color available and Finally I got the white color that for me is better in color and more premium Although I like the blue I have no complaints now the mobile we came the European rom global there is a Chinese version k40 the European Roma sucks black worse than it does not exist I could not send messages and the one who he called me I did not see his name he kept saying that whatever I did and application I put the same thing was happening too much. General The phone is good fast It does not get stuck anywhere the memory is 6 MB RAM 128gb is the internal storage has 3.1 memory which is also fast The screen is amazing with good colors you can make endless changes to those colors you want the frames are 60 120 and depending on the application you open they fall into the corresponding frames I have nothing else to say the sound amazing solid Dolby Atmos speakers from headphones that I have wireless is perfect there is no problem it charges very fast sphere is generally quality and good no I have presented no problem as others say overheating has no such things that I am from Greece and here the sun is plentiful

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  • 08/03/2022

    This phone is great for its price. The charging is insane, but the battery life isn't that satisfying. The MIMU ROM isn't that great, so I will be changing it to a better on, probably the Arrow ROM. The camera isn't the best of its features but it does the job. The screen is fair and the sound is decent. For gaming its also really good due to it's processor. For a decent price you get a pretty good phone.

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  • 10/12/2021

    Mindent, amit szeretsz. Ez egy gyönyörű szín. Nagyon jó kijelző. Nagyon sok beállítási lehetőség van. Menő processzor. Nem melegszik fel. A telefon nagyon gyors. Nincs fennakadás az alkalmazásokban. A fényerő nagyszerű. A hang sztereó. Hangszórók a telefon alján és tetején. A hangerő elegendő. A kamera tökéletes. Más vélemények nem mondanak igazat. Az akkumulátor több mint 1 nap. Nincs LED értesítés, de a kijelzőn megjelennek az értesítések. USB-C töltés és fülhallgató (füladapter tartozék). Összefoglalva, a telefon csúcskategóriás. Ára megfelel a közepes kategória árának, nagyon kedvező. Előadása ismeri a Xiaomi MI széria tudását. A telefon ismeri az 5G-t. Nagyon ajánlott.

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  • 13/02/2022

    Entrega super rápida aqui para o Brasil. Chegou em 15 dias. E não fui taxado! Aparelho completo, além dos acessórios da caixa, já veio com película inclusa. A cor branca dele é estilo perolado, muito lindo (mesmo não dando para ver direito pelas fotos) Opinião com 2 semanas de uso: Muito satisfeito com a bateria, e áudio estéreo do aparelho. O processador é realmente muito bom, porém a versão da MIUI apresenta pequenos bugs ainda, principalmente no uso do modo escuro. Câmeras muito boas (como pode ver na foto dos acessórios), porém ainda não precisei utilizar a noite ou com pouca luz. Recomendo demais, celular bonito e potente.

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  • 28/07/2021

    Minha primeira compra internacional de grande valor, e gostei muito da experiência em 15 dias chegou meu aparelho em perfeito estado e muito rápido.

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