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  • 25/08/2021

    Excellent set of thermometer-hygrometer. This is the third set I get. Very good battery life and endless applications in the smart home !!!! Unbelievable price !!!!! Εξαιρετικό σετ από θερμόμετρο- υγρασιόμετρο. Είναι το τρίτο σετ που προμηθεύομαι. Πολύ καλή διάρκεια μπαταρίας και άπειρες εφαρμογές στο έξυπνο σπίτι!!!! Τιμή απίστευτη!!!!!

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  • 31/01/2021

    Perfect! POSITIVE+++++ Delivery was fast, courier brought! Products are good, beautiful, they didn't want to connect me to the Huawei p20 Pro, I'll fix that later. But my partner was able to successfully pair Bluetooth with the Samsung A71. Overall, I am satisfied, I recommend the seller to everyone!

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  • 31/12/2020

    Ordered devices with CR2032 batteries included. Pulled battery protection tab and added them to Xiaomi Home app on EU server. Compared to first Mi Temperature and Humidity monitor from Qingping these are: - smaller in all dimensions and displayed digits - better LCD contrast and viewing angle - smaller battery CR2032 vs AAA - no BT pairing button - encrypted BT broadcast messages every 10 minutes - sensor readings values differ somewhat - mounts directly to wall with included doubleside tape - maybe to firmly when comes time to change battery

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  • 11/11/2021

    Τα παρέλαβα μια μέρα νωρίτερα... Δεν είχα καταλάβει ότι είναι τόσο μικρά, χωρίς να είναι πρόβλημα ίσως καλύτερα έτσι μικρά και διακριτικά... Κατέβασα την εφαρμογή xiaomi home και τα σύνδεσα πολύ εύκολα με το κινητό μπορείς μέσω της εφαρμογής να, τους αλλάξεις όνομα ώστε να βλέπεις ποιο είναι σε ποιο χώρο.... Γράφει ότι κρατάει μνήμη με τις αλλαγές θερμοκρασίας στο χώρο μου εμφάνισε σχεδιάγραμμα με την χαμηλότερη και υψηλότερη θερμοκρασία... Από ότι βλέπω αν κρατάν μνήμη θα, βοηθήσουν να, ελέγχω θερμοκρασίες σε δωμάτια, με το σκεπτικό να τα πηγαίνω σε κάποιο σπίτι και να ελέγχω τη θερμοκρασία σε διαφορετικά δωμάτια ώστε να δω ότι δουλεύουν η θερμοστατικες κεφαλές στα καλοριφέρ σωστά ας πούμε......

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  • 03/11/2021

    Termometr i higrometr w jednym. Mały a przy tym elegancki. Posiadam po jednej sztuce w każdym pomieszczeniu. Aktualne oraz historyczne wyniki można podejrzeć w aplikacji MiHome. Co ciekawe pomimo, że nie mają połączenia Wi-Fi to łączą się poprzez bluetooth z moim oczyszczaczem powietrza (Xiaomi 3H) a on przesyła wyniki, które mogę zobaczyć będąc po za domem.

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  • 04/08/2021

    Muito melhor do que eu pensava, vou comprar mais. Acompanha a pilha e etiqueta dupla-face para fixação. A temperatura e umidade podem ser monitoradas no display ou acompanhadas pelo aplicativo do celular. Possui histórico de temperatura e umidade de hora em hora. o único contra é o contraste do display que fica difícil de ver se o local foi muito pouco iluminado.

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  • 20/07/2021

    Hab das Angebot mal wieder genutzt um den Bestand aufzufüllen. Nicht weil die Teile etwa kaputt gingen, nein wenn die Batterie leer ist, dann ist es einfacher einen neuen zu platzieren und dann den anderen in Ruhe neu zu Bestücken und ein Ersatz Klebepad anzubringen. Für die nützlichen kleinen Thermometer empfehle ich ein Gerät mit Bluetooth Hub Funktion. Mit dem kleinen Smarthub funktioniert das Bluetooth Mesh einfach perfekt. Die mitgelieferten Batterien halten so etwa 8-12 Monate, je nach Platzierung. Es sind CR2032.

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  • 15/04/2021

    Fast shipping, as always. As a big fan of Xiaomi products, this one also tells precise story of how good everything is and how accurate is. Very quality item and minimalistic design. Connected via Bluetooth to Xiaomi Home app and everything is working just fine. It can also work without bluetooth, completely independently. All in all, strong and warm recommendation for the item and for seller in general!

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  • 04/03/2021

    Qualidade Xiaomi! Muito bom produto. Material de boa qualidade e parece ser preciso em um primeiro momento de uso. Bem pequeno, tem uns 4 cm apenas. Veio bem embalado e sem nenhum dano a embalagem e a integridade do produto. Na caixa vem um manual em chinês e uma dupla face para você prende-lo na parece. O aplicativo é fácil de usar e de conectar com seu termômetro. O único problema que vejo é ele ser bluetooth e não wi-fi, mas isso ja era sabido antes da compra!!

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  • 25/11/2021

    So I bought these since there are more rooms to focus on now. They are pretty neat little things. I have one of the older ones as well, so I added it to compare the new ones. I activated them after they arrived and left them for an hour to sync. The new ones synced the temps and humidity right away. There is a slight % difference in humidity from the old one - it might be the age of that thing - it has like 4 years already and also the humidity takes long time to reach equilibrium than temperature. To compare. The old one is AAA battery and it has neat magnetic mount. These have some sort of flat battery. I imagine they last pretty long, but to get that battery might be harder than the traditional AAA one. Also they are not supplied with a magnetic mount, but only a sticker. That is good for some locations ( I put one on the fridge in the kitchen) but can be a problem for some other locations. At the time I don't have the hub to connect them for active 24 hour reading. So I can only look at one at the time in my phone. They all synced pretty well - just be close to the one you are connecting, and it just works effortlessly. I will consider getting the hub, but since I cannot connect any other smart devices like thermostats or de-humidifires, it is not my priority. I just wanted the option to view the temperature remotely and check if I have to increase the heating or put a dehumidifier in that specific room. They arrived pretty fast (in like 4 days) and the price at the time was really good (around 15 USD for all 3) . Everything is working as advertised. I am very happy with my purchase. I only have some issues with my national logistics provider. They did not put info about the sender and I had no idea what package was coming at the time - I ordered some more stuff and was confused about what to expect. The listing said it will come from PL warehouse, but the package came from Germany. So I was a little confused.

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