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  • 06/10/2022

    Inicialmente, com algum receio, por causa de um comentário a dizer que queimou, mas depois de receber em casa e fazer o teste, pessoalmente, funcionou perfeitamente, sem qualquer problema. lembrando que e necessario deixar encher o deposito de agua, antes de ligar a corrente. Depois de encher o deposito, liguei a corrente e a agua aqueceu com alguma facilidade. Para atingir os 40 graus, ou acima, tem que ter a torneira aberta no minimo possivel, isto se usar para tomar banho, pois a agua nao aquece assim tanto. Estou a testar com a agua fria (data atual) a cerca de 23 a 25 graus, o que ajuda a aquecer, mais rapidamente, agora falta testar em pleno inverno, com a agua a 10 graus e veremos se vai dar para tomar banho ou se a agua vai chegar aos 40 a 45 graus pelo menos. A instalacao foi facil e rapida, requerendo algumas adaptacoes, no meu caso, mas o que vem e suficiente. aconcelho a colocar a valvula no minimo e acrescentar um torneira antes da valvula, para nao estar sempre a regular a valvula (torneira que veio). Atencao, nao colocar uma torneira na saida do aparelho, pois vai continuar ligado e pode queimar.

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  • 08/09/2022

    appena montato seguendo le istruzioni esploso. corrente 220v. non mi prendo certo la briga di chiedere il reso visto il prezzo e visto che si è sciolto il telaio.

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  • 30/01/2023

    As intended, another successful purchase. Equipment arrived well protected and in perfect condition. It works perfectly. Like the first one, the heating time is fast, but in winter, it is not worth it, as the temperature does not exceed 30 to 35 degrees, which makes it difficult to take a shower, in summer it can reach 45 degrees, which is more acceptable with the warmer outside temperature. The idea of buying this second one was to add it to the first one, both working, it already heats the water a lot, reaching 48 to 60 degrees in the second one, with the medium to minimum flow opening in the first one and starting at a minimum in the second one, but that we can open more if it's too hot. So I can already use this heater in winter. Of course, now the load on the circuit breaker is 3500w+3500w, which in some cases, in old houses, with old wires or weaker circuit breakers, may not be able to withstand it (I've tested it, it lasts for about 15 seconds and then turns off), in a house with more updated connection, like mine, it holds up well.

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  • 05/10/2022

    Small and practical I didn't try it. I hope it warms up in the shower with normal water flow.

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  • 27/08/2022

    Доставката беше навременна. Продукта пристигна без повреди. Остава да го монтирам и да видя как работи. В прилогената инструкция за монтаж и експлоатация никъде не пише за гаранционни условия и срокове. Може ли малко разяснения в тази посока.

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  • 29/08/2022

    Πολύ καλό! Το προιον ανταποκρίνεται στην περιγραφή. Το τηλεφωνο του ντους ειναι απο πλαστικό αλλα μπορει να αντικατασταθεί.

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  • 27/12/2022

    não funciona

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  • 16/09/2022

    Még a beüzemelése nem történt meg

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  • 18/01/2023

    تأخير بالشحن وتأخير بالوصول وتأخير بالتسليم

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  • 01/09/2022

    egyszerű terméknek néz ki. Remélem beváltja a hozzáfűzött reményeket. Nyaralóba lesz kis felhasználásra.

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