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madmat 2019-07-22 08:06:26
1.The attached manual is useless. Documentation for different products is attached. 2.The length of the attached screw is short (M5 10 mm) and it can not be assembled. At least M5 12 mm × 10 is required. 3.The boring hole of φ10 on the side plate of the stepping motor mounting side and the stepping motor mounting hole can not be    processed. Stepping motor and 2 rails can not be attached. 4.Processing of the stepping motor mounting hole on the stepping motor mounting plate at the bottom of the bottom is not complete. Stepping motor can not be attached. I will request sending of M5 12mm × 10 pieces (for table fixing).
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  • gimaxy true: the instructions and the product are two different things
    I don't know where to connect the cables to the motherboard and, above all, I don't know how to go from CNC to laser

    Reply 2019-12-02 16:54:07
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