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Q: zones

Asked by nickster on 2017-11-26 10:44:18

xAlex Yes: Support gate, SOS, bedroom, window, balcony, perimeter, smoke, gas, caebon monxide, water leaking ect.

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juledude Youget 2 zone (Home or Away) capability. By that I mean you can designate some alarm sensors to be OFF when you are home with the rest of the alarm sensors ON. When you are away from home everything ... See More

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Dragonwatcher If you have enabled the "Arm Beep" option, you will here the count down. But you will also hear the "System Armed" lady...

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Q: it's this motorised pan and tilt? or manual?

Asked by nickster on 2017-12-03 16:31:08

Hephaistos It is motorized, you can control it with software/app. You can see it there:

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