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Q: does the timer function work without wifi?

Asked by BG160189172 on 2022-05-02 03:26:57

Vanmit I don't think so, device needed wifi to setup, and every function then is over the app on mobile phone, without wifi you can work the device only by pressing on-off button like a regular switch.

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The seller Massive IR Code Database with Built-in Temperature & Humidity Sensor

2021-12-21 03:46:36 Helpful (0)
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Q: is this HCS301 chip?

Asked by BG160189172 on 2021-08-27 23:35:31

The seller you can send an email for customer service help

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Q: how do I set static IP?

Asked by Samuel on 2020-06-09 06:41:24

ouxinke You can send an email for customer service help

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