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Q: I don't see the camera ? were is it ?

Asked by françois on 2018-01-05 05:56:42

Ariete Now that you have it in stock is the moment to take pictures and SHOW where it is.

2018-03-07 07:56:35 Helpful (0)
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Q: when will this be available???

Asked by Blackjohnwayne on 2017-11-17 04:27:37

Ariete My order says there is no stock What? Oh, I see now that THE WHITE ONE is not in stock and its expected arrival is on end of February. I received an email saying they would have a 10 days delay not 2 months delay. This is not serious, if you didn't made white ones at least ask if I don't mind a black one.

2018-01-22 09:26:37 Helpful (0)
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Lanny Hello, you can choose 5G wifi version or normal X7/X4 transmitter version.

2018-02-07 07:51:11 Helpful (0)
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