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bice90 M4011.I checked it myself by disassembling the product.

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Alex 29/04/2019
Great 1/10 scale rock crawler for the money. Looks like it'll take a lot of abuse. It would be nice if the remote instructions were a little more comprehensive, as it is a 3 ch radio with a lot of features which you do not find on lower priced units such as adjustable end points, dual rates, eponentials, and of course trims. Ch 1 is the traditional steering and ch 2 is the throttle, while ch 3 (Aux switch) is for a servo that appears to shift the gears in the transfer case managed by a slide switch on the side which is a 3 position switch that moves the lever from the servo to slide the shaft in the gearset from low to neutral to high. It would be nice if the receiver was separate from the esc - that way the on/off switch could be mounted in a more accessible place (instead of being hidden inside the body of the vehicle which can only be toggled with a long finger). If you accidentally press the bind button on the transmitter while you are using the transmitter and driving the vehicle you will unbind the receiver in the car - which must then be paired again by pressing the very small pushbutton on the receiver/esc with the transmitter by also pressing the Bind button on the transmitter for several seconds - if successful a small red led on the receiver/esc will light up. The trim buttons for ch 3 don't seem to be connected, but that's not a problem since the 'joystick' that controls the menu on the transmitter lets you do that once you are in the Trim menu. Interesting though I did not notice too much of a difference in the gearing/speed of the transfer case from low to high. ALSO BE CAREFUL ON THE SETTINGS OF THE CH 3 SERVO so it does not bind (do not force it past the limits) or the servo will get very hot and you will eventually burn the servo motor out.
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Q: what Is the weight of this

Asked by mlalith on 2019-09-18 10:42:01

Alex The panel weighs 338 grams.

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