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Phil 25/09/2020
Well I have had this for a few days now and I am very impressed, checked all screws bolts etc on arrival and all were tight and none missing, the lights work great but would have preferred the headlights to be on all the time not just when moving forward, most of the time they dont come on if just moving slowy, maybe a setting some where but i dont know as there are no instructions for how to operate the light unit. I did find the small switch in the cockpit that changes the flashing of the lights above the front window. No instructions for what does what on the remote control either, it is an adventure working everything out! :-D The sound of the engine is very good, the indicator sound not so good, it gets annoying after a while, no way to turn the sound off as no instructions for the sound module. Apart from that.... WOWZA this truck is awesome, I can climb my Huina 1580 up into the back of it and cart it round no problem and that is a heavy excavator, it fits in the back perfectly, the bucket slots between the two metal exhaust brackets on the P803a perfectly to hold it in place, will have great fun with this in the coming weeks. The detail on it is amazing, seeing pictures and videos is great but when you have this Beasty sat there in front of you, you then realise that those pictures did not do it justice, I smiled all day when it arrived, my cheeks were hurting from smiling. The back panel on the tipping part removes very easily to allow access for the excavator as it has little levers like the side panels, that hold it in place.
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The seller Sorry there is not available manual,the switch setting can not be changed

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