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smooth There’s no adjustment for the toe out?? Most RTR’s come like that. They do that because it’s more stable for beginners. But it scrubs speed. Faster if you can adjust and make both tires straight. If it had toe in it would be uncontrollable. The rear has a slight toe in. That’s ok. Hopefully you can adjust it. Or you can get longer threaded rods. If too long cut them. Was thinking about getting one. But if you can’t adjust it. I don’t know now. Let us know Pls

zrnkiw2 26/06/2023
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smooth What is the hex size?? Thank You! Been looking for 1/16 tires with 9mm hex

ORL1784 25/11/2021
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Q: Does banggood have the rear wing and mount in stock??

Asked by smooth on 2024-02-23 03:37:24

Noe30rcgomes amigo tem que pesquisar aqui, mas acho que não vai servir nele porque ele é modelo diferente, mas pesquise aqui pra ver se tem em estoque.

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smooth Want the wing and mount. Instead of tire. Anyone know where 🙏🙏

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smooth It has adjustable turnbuckles. All RTR’s come with toe out. It makes it more stable. Most people run slight toe in on the back. With buggies and rock racers. No toe in or out will be the fastest for the front. Caster/Camber effect so many things. I would run 0 degrees on both. Just have fun. Unless you’re in some serious racing. Then make read up on it and make one adjustment at a time. Then test it. It all comes down to your driving style and what you feel comfortable with. Just have fun. Keep slight toe in on the rear tires. 👍👍👍

BG169382361 30/04/2021
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smooth You can read the description!! It tells you everything. You don’t bind to a channel. You bind to a transmitter. If you can’t read directions. You shouldn’t buy this helicopter. You should start with a 4 channel beginner helicopter. You have to read and learn yourself. You can’t ask other people everything. You will never learn anything.

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