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Q: How do you make it fpv on your mobile phone

Asked by Paul Gibson on 2023-08-18 03:51:02

gleavek This is frame and parts only. You need to buy a camera or vtx. So if flying digital DJI, you’ll need an air unit or O3 and DJI Goggles. Or you can get an analogue camera and VTX but need not digital goggles. Can’t fly with your mobile.

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Q: can a dji integra with an update firmware work for O3 unit? tnx

Asked by BG164062115 on 2023-08-05 01:05:36

gleavek It works with the Goggles Integra by default. Same as goggles 2

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Q: what googles and controller i have to use?

Asked by BG461320372 on 2023-02-18 05:06:03

gleavek You can use any analogue goggles you have or that you want to buy as they just pick up the signal. For controller it has a built in really basic receiver with poor range. Therefore you can switch this to something like ELRS with brilliant range and then can use any controller which has an ELRS receiver.

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Q: Are ND4 and ND8 of this filter available?

Asked by BG213444350 on 2022-03-02 07:41:00

gleavek If you look on the site there are sellers selling ND8

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Q: Any ETA for opentx 2.4?

Asked by Joel Yek on 2020-05-06 04:20:42

gleavek 2.4 shouldn’t be the deciding factor here. If you want the controller then buy it. When 2.4 comes out it will be available on this

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Q: Can i put a crossfire on this?

Asked by BG374946491 on 2022-02-13 07:08:50

gleavek Yes easily. I installed ExpressLRS which is the exact same setup. Very easy

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Q: Will the version with TBS Module be restocked ? If yes, when ?

Asked by chagomass on 2022-02-01 12:17:02

gleavek Cheap enough to buy separate rather than wait whilst it’s on offer if I were you

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