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Q: Essa versão tem suporte para o português?

Asked by diegofgonzalez on 2019-03-16 04:07:40

tazor Não está versão. A versão mais nova é multilíngua

2021-11-19 03:24:46 Helpful (0)
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Q: it can connect to my Lenovo k8 note phone?????

Asked by ManjuVijay on 2018-09-25 10:43:37

tazor It should, it is an Android phone

2021-10-14 04:34:24 Helpful (0)
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Q: does it work with v380 app and dekstop ?

Asked by gkangelovbg on 2020-07-12 03:30:33

tazor It works with the app. Did not test with the desktop, should work as well

2020-07-12 04:37:44 Helpful (0)
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