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brdstck Don't buy this one. Even if it would come in a complete package it's electronics are really low grade and there's no way of finding any support. The documentation available contains all kinds of errors from polarity being switched to plain incorrect statements.

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brdstck happened to me as well. It's a very crappy product that doesn't work at all. So far I've replaced all the electronics, as the china-duino it comes with is terrible and the motor driver doesn't work correctly. one of the motors came to me broken. Was missing half the components, support from the producer is extremely low level, and there's no clear documentation, just a collection of randomly mixed product sheets. Left a review that's not being processed -> to me that's cheating, and this makes me not want to buy at banggood anymore. Don't buy this. If you want this robot buy the chassis and find the electronics in your local electronics shop. This is not something you want to pay money for!

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Q: what's the scale? can we get some measurements?

Asked by brdstck on 2018-10-23 01:07:53

Truthwas It is for 1/10 scale,the length is 12.5cm.width is 2cm

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lex0005 Only gay male fish

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brdstck 2018-05-23 02:30:27
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