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Q: Does it have Pass-Through Charging?

Asked by BG451545425 on 2022-04-28 09:44:57

RobertoRica Sorry but I don't understand the reply, Can AC outputs be used while it is charging? the question is not how many outputs it has, it is in the description, we want to know if it can be used to power a devide (AC device, for example, a fridge) at the same time that it is conected to a plug or to a solar panel and it is charnging.

2022-06-13 07:47:13 Helpful (1)
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Q: How is possible to link this device with Alexa/Google home?

Asked by jonsey on 2018-11-22 02:26:40

RobertoRica For Alexa, only english version not spanish. Para Alexa, solo la versión en ingles, el español no está soportado y no se puede instalar el skill necesario. Esperemos que saquen pronto la versión de español para poder utilizarlo y comprar más cosas de esta marca

2019-06-13 06:30:59 Helpful (1)
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