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giantrak Hello So, I tell you right away that you can certainly do it. The machine can very well load your computer's files But the software of the machine alone does not go, that is, I explain myself The files that must be loaded must pass through a program that can import them. If you click on Files at the top left of the screen (I am talking about the CNC software) and click Open, it asks you to open a file in the tuper coputer, but if you go then to open it, on the machine screen at the bottom appear to you a series of incomprehensible signs, a sign that the files were not taken by the software and the machine does not go I for example use the ESAEL INVENTABLE system, which you can find on the net for free. Working with that, there is the "input" option that makes you upload your files without problems Another thing, there would then be once the files are ready for processing, to check if the measurements on the machine are really those of the actual scanned design if you need other expectations, call me without any problems good job Gian. (from Italy)

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Q: can the inserts also be mounted on 10 mm tools? thank you

Asked by giantrak on 2019-07-13 04:26:17

samibaskir useit with the MGEHR1010-2

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