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MRutens The battery charges from 3% to 100% in 2 h using 100W USB Type-C charger. Battery runtime is about 4 h using the laptop to watch Youtube videos and installing apps and system updates in the background. The read speed of the 256 GB HIKVISION SSD on this system is about 450 MB/s - close to the advertised maximum. I installed Kingston 500 GB NVMe in the M.2 slot under the removable door, and it can be detected. It showed the read rate of about 1200 MB/s, which is impressive (and close to the particular SSD specs), however the same NVMe SSD, when installed in the internal M.2 slot (removing the factory SATA SSD), can not be detected by the system BIOS (however there must be some BIOS settings to change this, I suppose). Another problem - the onboard memory card reader is limited to USB 2.0 maximum data transfer speeds, which is a bit disappointing, too, keeping in mind that the system has USB 3.0 all around. So I had to use USB 3.0 SD card adapter to get the full speed out of my external storage. The graphics performance, on the other hand, was better than expected - even AutoCAD and Davinci Resolve (professional video editing software which relies on Open CL GPU capabilities) did not complain about the lack of dedicated GPU. I will test this laptop with an eGPU, too, as soon as I'll get hands on one.

MRutens 2020-09-01 09:06:00
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