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zotm_Bigdogge There is no optional camera. They just say you could mount one on it as a marketing gimmick. Technically one could do that with most RC planes. The Eachine TX01 or TX02 would do, but you'd have to figure out how to mount it. By the way, this is essentially a white version of the Cub-yellow Hobbyzone Champ with a different receiver installed.

2021-05-27 08:21:32 (0)
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BG333617515 I came here to make the same observation. It comes as no surprise, brimming with hypocrisy and falseness.

2021-05-20 07:32:18 (0)
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Laurie Thelatest stable release of the multi protocol module firmware implements everything except the low voltage warning, and includes all three flight modes. You use the MT99XX protocol with the Dragon subtype. You need v1.3.2.58 of the firmware, or later.

bikinidan 02/02/2021

: radio mode 1 or mode 2?

diamondfish 2021-03-27 09:20:03

Laurie I'd like to know too. In many ways the plane is very similar to the Eachine Mini Wing Dragon, and that was only available in Mode 2. Now it is supported on multi protocol radios and modules, so you can fly it with those in any mode you like. Let's hope this one uses the same protocol.

2021-03-29 03:36:55 (3)
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Peter W Incorrect, the transmitter is different between the two versions. You can change the mode, but it will default back when you turn it off. So if you are a Mode 2 flyer you really are better off getting the Mode 2 version, otherwise you'll forget to change the mode one day and crash.

2021-03-26 01:30:13 (1)
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