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Laurie 2019-08-09 21:24:00
Very simple, two channel differential thrust plane that required almost no assembly. All you do is glue on the fin, and a tube of glue is supplied for that purpose. There are also 3 wheels that plug into slots on the wings and fuselage, but you can fly without those, and they are easy to remove and refit. The inner two engines have motors fitted, but the outer ones are just dummies, but they have propellers that spin with the slipstream. The motors are 8x20 brushless which give more than enough power. The props rotate in opposite directions, and a spare of each type is supplied, as well as a 450mAh flight battery and a charger for the battery that plugs into a USB port. There are couple of problems you should fix or you will be disappointed. 1. The propellers are not a tight enough fit on the motor shafts, so as soon as you throttle up they will fly off. You can fix this y putting a piece of thread through the shaft hole on the propeller, which goes right through to the front. Then push the prop back on so the thread is trapped. It also doesn't hurt to wick a tiny amount of CA glue (superglue) through the front of the prop so it gets onto the shaft and the thread. Cut off any thread that sticks out using a modelling knife or razor blade. 2. The model won't climb, no matter how much throttle you apply, unless you do some work on the elevators to give it just a tiny bit of up elevator. About 2mm up at the trailing edge of each elevator is enough. First you need to cut away two tiny pieces of foam that join the elevators to the rest of the horizontal stabilizer and to the fuselage, so that the elevators become free to move. I used two tiny pieces of toothpick stuck into the fuselage to lift the elevators just enough, then a very small piece of sticky tape to hold them in position and stop them from moving in flight (see photo). With these changes, the plane will fly quite well. The gyro makes it very stable.
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Q: PNP does not come with ZOHD Kopilot?

Asked by Cris519 on 2020-06-08 01:05:45

Laurie Since the Kopilot is specifically listed for the FPV version, and NOT listed for the PNP version, I think it's NOT included with the PNP version.

2020-06-16 09:59:37 Helpful (0)
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Q: Is this a good gift for birthdays?

Asked by hendrick on 2019-08-18 03:57:15

Laurie Well, I would be happy if someone gave me one for my birthday :)!

2020-06-08 02:54:01 Helpful (0)
Answers (3)