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Q: Does it include the shrink wrap?

Asked by BG544757515 on 2021-08-17 11:48:18

Laurie If you mean the heat shrink to attach the carbon fibre pushrods to the wire connectors that fit the control horns, yes it is included. I recommend you put a little glue inside the heat shrink before shrinking just to make sure the wire can't move within the heat shrink. I have had that happen with other models when I relied on the heat shrink alone.

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Q: does it have working flaps.

Asked by BG154620115 on 2022-05-07 09:20:16

Laurie It has working ailerons.

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Q: Can this transmitter be easily converted to Mode 1?

Asked by Laurie on 2021-04-21 03:07:40

BG123892313 not easily, but yes you can convert to mode 1 , you will need to open the back of the transmitter though

2022-05-14 03:12:27 Helpful (1)
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Peter W Incorrect, the transmitter is different between the two versions. You can change the mode, but it will default back when you turn it off. So if you are a Mode 2 flyer you really are better off getting the Mode 2 version, otherwise you'll forget to change the mode one day and crash.

2021-03-26 01:30:13 Helpful (4)
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Q: LInk to camera doesn't work - page not found.

Asked by Laurie on 2019-12-25 05:09:25

BG222022424 Try to search the camera model in the search bar

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Q: Will Banggood be stocking the optional camera?

Asked by Laurie on 2020-07-13 08:22:40

UAHS The engine is so weak. No additional weight will be possible.

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Q: mode 1 ou 2

Asked by BG184316103 on 2021-11-21 03:20:01

Laurie They are saying in the description that it has the throttle on the left stick, so it must be Mode 2.

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Q: How does the clevis attach to the control horn and push rod?

Asked by Laurie on 2017-11-07 07:07:40

BG351738321 Plug into the hole. Best Regards.

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Q: what is the control range?

Asked by BG920473214 on 2021-02-28 08:56:01

Laurie It's not a remote controlled plane - you launch it with the supplied catapult, and after that you have no control over it.

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Q: Does it come with the spinner and prop shown in the photos?

Asked by Laurie on 2022-01-19 04:37:47

Spiderhog Yes, it does

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Laurie 26/12/2021
Good value for money. It has an unusual control method. There are two joysticks and it goes forward when you push both forward, and backward when you push both backward. If you push the right stick forward, only the right wheels turn forwards, so the armoured car turns left, and vice versa for the left stick, and so on. You get used to it quickly. Controls are fully proportional, and in addition there is a dial that allows you to set the maximum speed. This is handy for getting a child used to it, and for lowering the speed for indoor use. It uses a battery that seems identical (except for the colour) to the one in the EAT06 RC tank, which I also have, and the batteries are certainly interchangeable. Although it has no suspension, it has extremely soft tyres, so it has some ability to handle rough terrain. It also has a storage compartment that is pretty large, and my 5 year old grandson loves that. I gave it to him for Christmas and he loves it and is already pretty competent with it. He already has the EAT06, which uses the standard wheel + trigger type of controller. I got him this one precisely because it has such different controls, as I eventually hope he will be able to fly RC planes. It's nowhere near as capable on rough terrain as the EAT06, but it is good in its own right, and more suitable for indoors (as well as outdoors). Spare parts don't seem to be available as they are for the EAT06, but then it's much cheaper vehicle, and still a lot of fun. Drive time on the supplied battery is very long, at least 40 minutes. The battery takes a couple of hours to charge, but you could do it in an hour with a hobby charger instead of the USB cable charger provided.
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