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Q: set of 2 pic ???

Asked by jigar2096 on 2019-09-19 06:53:58

khallagi unfortunately, I bought this product on the basis that they sold in pairs but I order one only so I cannot use it. I tried to buy a second one but the price went up high and now it is not available. The seller should sell it in pairs instead.

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Q: It does not fit on my machine, do you sell a machine that fits?

Asked by warremulder on 2019-07-28 05:56:11

khallagi You need to make sure when you purchase depend on the size of your angle grinder 10 or 14 maybe 16 to hook up the chisel

2020-12-01 10:18:19 Helpful (0)
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Q: Does it fit 35mm handle bars?

Asked by gigisaxx on 2019-03-20 05:12:24

khallagi I didn't use it yet I am not sure but I think it probably does fit as the round circle has different rings sizes to reduce or increase the ring size. Check it out on the site or you can contact the seller.

2020-04-14 11:56:06 Helpful (0)
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Q: 110 v version?

Asked by jwschull on 2019-01-09 10:31:48

khallagi Mine is 220V but they do have 110V version. You have to specify your voltage when you order it.

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