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Q: what scale is it?

Asked by BG164684747 on 2023-04-22 03:27:13

Ricomon Going by the length and width of the hull, it's 1:30 scale.

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Q: Can I use a remote I already own its an Attack A model? Thx

Asked by BG513259545 on 2023-04-05 11:31:24

Ricomon Probably not. The various radios use their own protocols, and the chance of both being the same protocol is slim. You might get lucky, though. These come with their own transmitter which works OK.

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Ricomon It's a small Tamiya plug. It doesn't come with any adapters, but the wires are long enough to replace the plugs with connectors of your choice.

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Q: Will this propellor work on the xk a180 f22 raptor?

Asked by karl on 2022-05-26 09:55:09

Ricomon No, this is a much smaller propeller for a 10mm brushed coreless motor.

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Ricomon 31/12/2019
This plane is an absolute blast to fly, but the aileron servo died on the third flight. While the plane is very fast, the gyro stabilization makes it relatively easy to fly. It is not a four channel plane as advertised, but a three channel plane with ailerons and no rudder. Still, the flying qualities are excellent, and I don't miss the rudder control in the air. I find it slightly more difficult to fly than the excellent Eachine Mini Mustang. When I gave up elevator on the first take off, the prop struck the ground, breaking a blade off. There were no spare props in the box, even though two spare props are shown in the picture on the Banggood website. Spare props are not yet available, but I was able to adapt a Parrot Minidrone prop to fit. A minute into the third flight, the aileron servo stopped working. Luckily, it was in a gentle turn and landed safely in the neighbor's yard. Now, when I plug in the battery, the servo gets hot. ...REALLY hot! I can see shiny rub marks where the pushrods were rubbing on the underside of the fuselage. That could have caused the servo to be overstressed, overheating the servo's motor's armature windings. There are no spare servos available, so the plane is dead. Aside from the servo failure, I love this little plane, but the lack of spare parts is very disappointing. If all the advertised parts were included, and if the plane lasted more than a couple of flights, this would be a fantastic plane, getting a five star rating across the board. As it is, without spare parts availability, I am hesitant to recommend this plane.
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Ricomon You could, but they would likely break in a crash. If the wings are coming loose in flight, make sure you press them in until you hear a solid click.

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Q: Hi,Is this can be use Eachine F16?

Asked by Hisao Wakayama on 2021-06-08 04:12:37

Ricomon Yes, they can.

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Q: What is the wingspan of this airplane?

Asked by Ricomon on 2020-10-17 06:16:33

xiaohui wingspan: 440mm.

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Q: How long is the battery life???????????????

Asked by alexoates0 on 2020-09-23 04:05:06

Ricomon Most of the reviewers say about 8 minutes. I fly in a very small area, so I tend to fly slow. This gives me about 10 minutes or so of flight time.

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Ricomon It will not bind to the transmitter that came with my A110.

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Ricomon They're about the same size. The A100 flies fairly well, and it's easy to fly, but I had trouble flying in a small space. I think the A180 F22 provides much better control, and it's just as easy to fly. It will fly fast or slow. I have no trouble flying it in a small space. If you're trying to decide between the A100 and the A180, definitely get the A180. It's a much better plane.

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