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helste Theone motor that made noise, was resend by Banggood and after I replaced the noisy one with the good motor, I was able to fly it. Unfortunately it fell out of the sky with failsafe, because of lost signal. It was only 50m away and 10-15m in the air. So I did some range testing and found out, that the XM receiver is faulty. With the Taranis in rangetest mode, it only has a range of 5-6m. In full mode, it has about 50m range. I wrote to Banggood and now I am waiting for them to reply and resend me a new XM . In the meantime, I had ordered on at the local hobby shop, because I want to flyx that thing and not want to wait weeks for replacement parts again and again.

helste 31/12/2018
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