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Q: para que sirve? sensor de que?

Asked by BG917493934 on 2022-11-28 02:50:56

klemic the current is measured with an shunt and high side amplifier.

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Q: what is the voltage range for the 48V type?

Asked by klemic on 2022-11-05 05:22:46

The seller If you have questions, you can send an email for customer service help

2022-11-08 01:19:19 Helpful (0)
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Q: 12.88€ for 0.14W???? what's going on?

Asked by klemic on 2022-10-02 01:38:25

The seller Hello, the price has other charges in addition to the product cost, thank you.

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Q: what's the purpose of N and L pin?

Asked by charlie on 2022-04-05 11:08:05

klemic AC power supply

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Q: How much current can these relays switch?

Asked by Taras on 2021-01-04 10:24:40

klemic the relays get stuck when switching a 12V 5A switching power supply. very poor quality.

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