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Q: can i use this for skyzone sk01s?

Asked by salihinrahim on 2019-07-18 07:03:15

CENABITE I doubt it but i honestly dont know... maybe ask someone on youtube who has both most model reviewer like Joshua Bardwell, Andy rc, or uav futures will probably be able to help you honestly much more.. all my best

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Q: can i conect the goggles to my phone with blotuth?

Asked by mizrachishai on 2020-07-15 01:34:29

CENABITE no for 5.8 fpv

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CENABITE 30/07/2020
LOVE the lil motors they look great n seem perfect for my lil beta 65 or 75 frame I've been waiting to build, fineally got it sorted and just like the first time I ordered I only recieved one.. I obviously will have to email CS n go threw all that again. so not thrilled about that happening twice once 3 or 4 months ago when i bought the first 2 pack. now again. first time they did send another eventually ty bangood so for quality of motor from looks and simple bench test seem great, as to how they will fly on an hd 2s might be a lil small but if i keep it lightweight then will be good. Id honestly recommend these for the smallest of brushless builds and dont know if there is a point in buying much smaller, but for someone looking for butter footage over crazy acro, or using a frame light enough for brushed motors, I assumed these would be rocket's. and they have nice windings, almost no space between bell and strong magnets plus bell has a lip on the bottom for holding them. ill update as sooo as, and assuming I will get the 2nd one in a reasonable time. as I waited a while to pull the trigger on two more... originally bought this for little rc chuck gliders but honestly felt it was a lil small for what I was expecting, but perfect for the beta, 65 I believe.. especially if I use the new all in one and remove the pins. but I'm lil lazy sometimes lol so who knows 😆 jk fingers crossed and no box this time last time was a box for two with only one, simple mistake but twice is unexpected. just hope to report soon they were soo worth the price, as they are priced amazingly..
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CENABITE I'm not sure exactly how much but I bought four im using in a 2s whoop frame (plastic) I've had forgotten about! lol 😬 🤭 but glad to fineally build one, Ive become a big fan (lol) of ducts and print 3inchquad ducts that 💩 on Stanfpvs ducts in quality and design but thats for heavier 3inch builds like example x140 pro... 👌perfect. I believe the lil frame is a beta 75 style frame 2s would love to build it but I ordered 2 sets of 2 and this time only got one so unless the second shows up in odd fashion later than the first I will be able to at least give you and idea of thrust using simple scale

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Q: Does it work with Racerstar TattooF4S

Asked by topper on 2018-06-18 04:18:07

CENABITE do peoples read the already asked questions? lol this job MUST be frustrating sorry

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Q: does it work with receiver or satellite spektrum?

Asked by antonio on 2018-05-03 09:30:08

CENABITE this can't be right I've been running pixhawk for 5 years on dsmx?

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CENABITE I belive there is a video by Kabab FPV OR someone Who shows you that u can indeed get D shot 600 on these by removing some of the regulators belive... ? ill try to find the link or I'm sure ZOHD will post it 😃

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