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Q: What is the image transmission distance?

Asked by feelu on 2024-03-15 01:51:45

Modelfreak Distance including continious good FPV about 200 meters max but in open field with a good receiver antenna more 👍🏻

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Q: can I use a 4s battery? I don't have a 3s

Asked by ItoSan on 2019-02-06 02:59:13

feelu goosldd 5s battery

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feelu Φίλε τα γυαλιά είναι μοντέλο Ev800; Υποστηρίζει

BG554451328 09/10/2023
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feelu Hallo, wie hast du die Verbindung hergestellt? Ich glaube, die Drohnenmarke ist mobula6. Können Sie mir helfen?

G0Gl 22/09/2021
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Q: What are the directions of the engines? cw or CCW

Asked by feelu on 2023-12-08 03:14:44

Podocarp For motor rotation direction you can set it via betaflight

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