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Q: Is there a instruction manual for these

Asked by j450n on 2017-11-12 06:30:01

BG351738321 no instruction support Thank you for the insightful question.

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j450n 17/03/2018
Found these online How To Use It Swipe the “User Card”, the lock will emit a short music and “Click” sound, then the lock will be opened. How To Add New User Cards Swipe the *Management Card* 1 time, you will hear continuous beep sound, then swipe the *empty user card* (the one you want to add) 1 time, after that wait for 5s, the beep sound will stop, then swipe this card to see if you will lock will emit “Click” sound. If yes, then the card has been added to the lock. How To Delete The User Cards Swipe the *Management Card* 3 times continuously, after 5s, you will hear a long beep, then it means all existed cards are deleted. How To Change Open Mode It has 2 modes: Single-Door Open Mode and Double-Door Open Mode (Default setting is Single-Door Open Mode). * If your cabinet has a door, you do not need to set this mode. There is a “Reset button” on the back of lock. Long Press the “Reset button” for 3s, then you will hear a long beep sound, open mode is Single-Door Open Mode. Press “Reset button” again, you will hear 2 short beep sound, the open mode is changed to Double-Door Open Mode. (Note: After you press the “Reset button”, the lock will back to default setting status, the cards will be deleted, you need add the cards again) How To Add Management Card If you press the reset button, you need add the management card again. After you press the “Reset button” for 3s, then you will hear a long beep sound, then swipe the “Empty management card” (The one you want use as management card), then the lock will emit beep sound, after the beep sound stops, then card is set as “Management card”. Then you can follow, step 3 to add the new user cards.
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