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Q: How many amps can they store at 2.7 volts?

Asked by Alien Affliction Cycles on 2020-03-20 10:48:06

klausohlsen This is a capacitor, not a battery. Ist capacity is 3000 F, which is eaqual to 3000 As per V. Theoretically, this means that this capacitor will increase (decrease) its voltage by 1 V if you charge (discharge) it with a constant current of 3000 A for one second, or if you charge (discharge) it e.g. with 1 A for 3000 s, or e.g. with 3 A for 1000 s, and so on. With respect to the fact that a capacitor stores static electricity while a battery stores chemical energy, charging and discharging characteristics of these two storage media are totally different.

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