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Hellysmack 25/01/2020
E119 Comparing to the V911, V977/XK110 In flight it feels more like a quadcopter, it is very locked in and when it gets moving its fast. It beats the V911 as an outdoor flier, to me it is a cross between the V911 and the XK110. Landing gear is not tall enough or stiff enough to keep the canopy and battery tray from hitting ground, OK for grass but hard surfaces you crack the canopy hit battery tray and YOUR BATTERY! Canopy is light weight and flimsy breaks after a few hard landings do to landing gear clearance. Radio looks like WLTOY but has less features, not impressed mine went crazy while in flight and has not worked since, and that was on like 5th flight. Turn it on it just makes a searching beeping. For a beginner coming from Drones this would be a easy step up. I wanted this as an upgrade replacement for my V911 for indoor flying in a very small space, for winter time. Though I found I enjoy the E119 I plan in keeping my V911 now as I was planning on selling it off to a friend. The E119 fly's like it is on a rail locked on and fast. To fast for small areas and not jittery enough to keep your skill or reflexes up in winter. I am pleased Eachine has taken a step up to helicopters, would be all stars if not for transmitter going bad in mid flight, and given the run around about multiple videos I have sent. Pros Perfect for those who fly Quads to step up to helicopters Cons Not enough clearance under battery cage, any hard landing cracks canopy and smacks your battery, cage and battery.
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