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jopro Der x220 ist nichts wert, die Propeller sind nach einem Flug kaputt!!!DerStrom Verbrauch ist so groß dassder Copter nur 3min Flugzeit hat.NICHT EMPEHLENSWERT: SCHROTT

Paulusb 21/07/2017
I pre-ordered on 12th of July. Expected restock 31st of July. 24h later I received a shipped notification. Yesterday exactly a week later it arrived! Unfortunately my receiver is still in transit so I cannot do a full review but so far all is quite good considering I do want to improve stuff myself and tackle known issues beforehand ;). The package was undamaged and complete. As noted in previous reviews the motor screws need to be secured with locktite done that. All spin smooth except one smooth but one bearing makes a little noise. However when it runs you hear no difference.!With the stock props the LH front side can clip the frame as noted by others. The solution is simple loosen the bolts on the arm a bit and slightly reposition the arm outward. There now is a 1mm gap on both sides between the blades and the frame. I know stuff like this should not be necessary but for the price I don't mind doing some tuning myself. Next is the VTX: As I don't want the side plates anyway I decided to do some improvements. I changed the mounting of the antenna to make it less vulnerable and rotated the VTX 90deg clockwise. Also I removed the hot glue and made the pigtail stronger with a dab of solder and a piece of heatshrink. I also put some Styrofoam in between the antenna disks to make the antenna more crash resistant. Finally I secured the motor wires with tiewraps to relieve stress on the ESC's because of the missing side blades. Next I set up beta flight and tested the ESC's and motors. All works as advertised. Besides some tweaks I found out that the flight controller has indeed a barometer. I enabled it and have working altitude display on my OSD. Tested it and when moving the quad up and down 1 meter you see the altitude change accordingly. Nice! The waiting is now for my receiver to arrive to test the last bit. But so far so good! (if you don't expect a ready to fly) ;)
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