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Acushla7 Dear kingink, my brother and I bought two of these which are mounted ten feet high off the ground in different parts of our courtyard and land. I would have to go outside to thoroughly test the most accurate sensing distances for you but without any doubt I can say they definitly throw out regular bright light at 17 feet. My gut feeling is that 26-36 feet may be a little too "optimistic" - maybe 26 feet yes, but then again I could be totally wrong because up until you asked have had no reason to test it out. (Our three dogs are continually setting the lights off as they chase around outside at night in the dark - they work very well indeed and initially shocked the dogs when lights suddenly came on and went off - now we're sure they do it deliberately, "new game" :-)

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Acushla7 You need to click on the SIZE DOWN ARROW and bring up the EU Size Chart -then just scroll along it until you come to the bust measurement you prefer. I just did this for you and EU Size M = 43 inch bust (just slightly over) but to be comfortable (and in case of their possible measurement error) I peronally would select the next size up - hope this helps

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