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Q: which program card do i need to use with this ESC

Asked by phil-le-b on 2024-04-07 02:02:32

The seller Hello,this esc should work with rocket program card,product id is 1939240

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EMasterYT both 6s and 4s have the same props because they both spin at the same speeds. Since 6s has lower kv and 4s has higher kv, the speeds match, so 3520 is fine for both types

2023-07-25 05:14:14 Helpful (1)
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phil-le-b on my printer i have been using the stocking setting which is 60.c for the bed and 200.c for the hot end maybe ill try 190 but tbh i have been getting very good prints

Meultaine 26/04/2020
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phil-le-b would you say its 3x times stronger then PLA because they say the ST-PLA is 3x times stronger jQuery19108048351943165182_1587506969673???

LacksAgency 26/12/2019
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phil-le-b we just need to know which type the ender 3 pro is using is it the left hand or the right hand i see that china is selling the left hand and the UK is selling the right one but i still dont know which one i need ???????

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