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Kev78 most likely u just need to set the Mode ! up in its settings, and at most maybe remove the back and switch out a couple springs, there are 100s e34 ideos showing how to change from Mode 2 to Mode 1 and vice versa , its generally pretty much the same on all radios, for the most part. I would bet that people of all expkence levels could and would be able to switch it to their desired Mode without issue!!

2021-01-17 06:42:59 (0)
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2020-10-12 02:13:15 (0)
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sniperke How should I configure it? I do not see any draw in OSD. I have connected curent wire from esc but what else?

2020-09-03 09:32:10 (0)
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sniperke Hi there, I would really appreciate if you can help how to set fail safe for this Rx and my Taranis. If turn it off throttle goes UP. I keep it in CH3. Thanks a lot!

FyreSG 20/06/2017