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1980 Ich nutze diesen Artikel in WPL und JJRC LKWs.

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Q: Hi! Can I use this esc in A2212 or other outrunner brushless motor?

Asked by Bognrgyuri on 2022-04-16 01:28:54

GEO_KIT yes you can but you must take lots of parameters on your mind... like if this is esc can fit on your rc car (have you lots of place?) other parameter is if your brushless motor can handle this esc 60amp? and this is esc have 4mm a female banana connectors. that means your motor must have the same size male banana connectors..... or if you shave motor brushless with 3.5 mm male banana connectors you must find adapters from 3.5 mm male to 4 female

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