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Q: Is a left handed version available in this BMAX combo?

Asked by Turbobeaver on 2019-07-02 09:21:15

George Read the description! Package included: 1 x fishing rod

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msnowden The motor’s shaft is 3.17mm in diameter.

2020-01-13 03:23:34 Helpful (0)
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MaryMa Package Includes: 2 x Inflatable Outriggers 1 Pair x Sidekicks 1 Set x Hardware

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Turbobeaver The pin spacing on the servo connector has nothing to do with receiver protocols such as dsm2/dsmx.Pghern,look up HK5320S ultra micro digital servo's at Hobbyking and you will find the correct low voltage servo that fits this receiver.The "S" denotes a 1.0mm pin spacing

pghern 20/07/2017
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