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Q: Have you stock? What version of TMC5160 SPI, or normal mode?

Asked by joehiluh on 2022-03-25 03:57:05

starfighter81 The board can be configured to use TMC drivers in normal step, SPI or UART mode simply by setting the jumpers.

2022-04-11 03:20:44 Helpful (0)
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starfighter81 We ordered 3: 2 are white and 1 red. So it is kind of random. I think the white version received some minor updates though, but not 100% sure.

2021-07-23 12:45:10 Helpful (0)
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Q: Can this be programmed for inverted signals? thx

Asked by starfighter81 on 2020-07-10 05:26:16

JunhanYu not support

2020-08-04 12:44:43 Helpful (0)
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