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Q: how fast does it go?

Asked by BG491011440 on 2020-06-11 03:15:17

stoep There is no good answer to that question. Depending on the KV rating you choose, it will be 3300 or 4370 rotations per minute per volt. The rest depends on your battery voltage (2S 8.4V or 3S 11.1V) and the gearing of your model. Let's assume you go for the 3000KV model and use a 3S 11.1V battery. Your peak engine RPM's will be 11.1*3.300 = 36.630RPM As for the gearing and top speed, if you get 2cm of motion per engine rotation the answer is: 36.630 RPM * 0.02 = 732.6m per minute. Times 60 minutes that would be 60* 732.6 = 43.956m per hour lets call this 44kmh. Can you share some details of the model you want to uses this combo in?

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