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Homer Zeng Hi friend ~ New system includes new sensor, and old sensor works with it too, they all 433mhz compatible. Digoo is searching digoo qualified RFID card, currently suggest customer use other RFID card. Digoo RFID card might come out at mid of 2018~ :)

2018-03-30 08:51:36 Helpful (1)
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amiro I would not hold my breath on this one Ya the 2G was supposed to work with Alexa but apparently it only works in the US so if they cant make that one work other places why would this one be any different, I have HOSA and I have Hama but Digoo has let us down now coming out with another version NOT wasting my money If thy wants to do something why not fix what you have first!!!

2019-01-03 07:27:03 Helpful (0)
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Q: what is the skill that alexa uses to control the Digoo Hama?

Asked by nstmania on 2018-04-05 01:21:50

amiro I would like to know also?

2018-04-09 04:34:35 Helpful (0)
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