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Q: Hi, what is the duct material ? Is it TPU or plastic?

Asked by TUSHEV on 2019-11-22 08:49:58

substance606 hey, fellows, where can I get 3d model of ducts? stock one are very bad quality

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TUSHEV I wandered the same question. I am putting together a new frame that is capable to fit up to 9” props. I bet this motors in his 1200kv version will be happy spinning 8 and 9 inch propeller, on 4S I mean, may be 5S. I am going to use all in one Xrotor F4 G2 stacks. I ordered my motors directly from Brothers Hobby. The numbers look fantastic so far, it’s going to be around 450grams, just a bit heavier than 6” build!

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georgi You are the Man! Tnx!

Denes 08/11/2017
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