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babyrock Yes.But the mini has one more extra function in which u can also be able to control the load by your exisiting physical switch.:)

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Q: which model have dimmer function which model have curtain control?

Asked by dipanmadhani on 2019-08-12 12:51:37

babyrock Forcurtain control Sonoff Dual R2 smart switch is best suitable and for dimmer function sonoff dimmer is separtely available :)

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Q: Da usar three way ou four way?

Asked by Romulo on 2019-07-02 06:30:49

babyrock Sorryi know only english. I think u asked" three way or four way"?. If it is so, the switch is two way. That means u can control the switch by app and also by accessing the physical switch which is already in your home. In case if u have a load connected already by two way switching, even, you can control it by connecting the S1(in sonoff mini) to common pin of one switch and the S2(in sonoff mini) to common pin of another switch. hope u can understand

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