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: How would this compare to the V911

Rcman 2021-05-14 01:45:24

THXkid I have 3 - V911, even the P40 version and the E119, is so much more advanced, better control, way faster, I fined it more joyable to fly over the V911. Flys longer ditance, 2x the flight time, flights more straight over the V911, the V911 is still the king for flying in tight right hand circles.

2021-05-14 02:10:04 (0)
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: support sd for video recording?

zeno95 2021-04-18 04:51:51

THXkid None of the newer HD DVR camera system that I am aware of record anything less than 720p, you would have to edit and convert it down to a lower resolution like 640x480 or lower in post production, you can set the camera to 4x3 also if needed.

2021-04-18 11:07:13 (0)
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