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Q: What is this small CD for and how to use it?

Asked by angrybird on 2022-05-12 07:13:14

gbrookes The mini CD contains software and drivers for the card reader. It should fit into most slide out CD or DVD trays on most PC type computers. It is the same as a normal CD but only a few hundred MBs of space instead of the normal 650MBs for a normal CD. Most computer CD drives have a groove for it to sit in so pop open the tray and it should just sit in the middle and not slop around. Close the tray and it should load and run like a normal CD, but of smaller capacity than a normal CD. These mini CDs were commonly used for drivers and manuals for hardware that were only a few MBs or a few tens of MBs for which a full sized CD was a bit of a waste. The CD contains two files, both compressed. One is a programme called RealTek Card Reader, and the other is called SimEdit. The two files together are about 11MB which is why they put them on this mini CD that holds up to about 225MB instead of a full sized CD.

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Q: How you fasten this unit on wall or ceiling?

Asked by angrybird on 2021-08-11 03:03:59

Ralf The device is attached by an intake process on the wall, ceiling. It holds itself on the surface. Switch on the device and it starts to suck on the surface

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