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Flyingboats 01/03/2021
I can honestly say that this is the best quality, and best setup helicopter that I've ever purchased (the caveat being that I haven't bought an OMP M2 or M1 as a comparison)! Flew beautifully straight out of the box and when I checked the setup (zero pitch point etc), it was spot on. Now flown around 15 flights including a couple of crashes and am loving it! Back to back flights with the K130 make an interesting comparison: the K130 is still good fun however it's a high rpm screamer, plus the gyro suffers from a tail drift which is quite disconcerting for us people who are 3D learner pilots. After the initial high rev/fast response the K130 quickly bogs down and loses thrust which is fine as long as you are smooth on the collective, but get it wrong and the rpms/thrust plummet possibly leading to a crash. In comparison the E160 has toque to burn, the initial collective response may not be quite so high, but under load it just keeps hauling. On a set of scales the peak thrust is similar, but the E160 can sustain twice the thrust of the K130. The E160 can also be flown at low headspeeds which is much safer for learner pilots, will result in less damage in crashes. I've been flying IdleUp1 at +30 on the Devo 10 (65% throttle) but with more blade pitch (+/-55, or 22.5 to 77.5%) . It definitely flies better at the recommended settings from the manual -throttle at 85-90% and collective with 32-68%, and the tail is much better, at low headspeeds it tends to kick out then recover. Is it perfect? No, I've moved the motor pinion up 0.5mm so it engages with the centre of the main gear, altered the forward PCB mounts to slope the PCB down at the front as the radio board had been rubbing on the canopy. Other items are when hitting Throttle Hold on the Devo with any main motor rpm's, the tail motor goes briefly to full throttle. If you land in IdleUp then hit TH the heli will spin. Also the Main blade bolts should be increased to 2mm so they fit the blade holes.
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