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Q: Does this amplifier support an 800rms subwoofer?

Asked by BG145215171 on 2020-09-09 12:30:37

squishy This amp is 600w rms so it would be a great pairing for you're 800w rms sub

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squishy Youmust be careful,same thing happened to me,the left most connection with endstop connector is 5v and center is ground,you should only be using the left most and middle connections so you don't short the 5v to ground and cause a restart

modestasjan 27/11/2018
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Q: users manual or datasheet?

Asked by Dave on 2021-01-08 07:22:47

squishy There is no user manual included with the product,only the 4 plastic standoffs and the modual

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