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Q: What is the difference with the FYE1?

Asked by Roelvan Vugt on 2018-10-02 05:07:16

BG451813141 Better looks: BW-FYE2. Better wearing comfort: BW-FYE1. Easier syncing process: BW-FYE1. Higher capacity of the charging case: BW-FYE1 (700 vs 520 mAh). Higher degree of water resistance: BW-FYE2 (IPX5 – projected water vs IPX4 – splashed water)

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Q: What's the difference with the FYE2?

Asked by Roelvan Vugt on 2018-10-02 05:05:48

Karen FYE1 is more suitable for the ear, the noise reduction effect is better.

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